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The Ultimate Browser Extension for Effortless Content Capture in Notion, with AI-powered Pre-filling and Customizable Templates.
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Finally, a reliable Notion Clipper with all the features you need

Templates for Efficiency

Quickly populate properties with pre-defined values or pull info from the current website, like page titles or URLs.

Screenshots Made Simple

Notix lets you effortlessly add screenshots from your current page. You have the flexibility to choose between capturing the visible area or the entire page. You can also copy and paste images from your favorite screenshot tool or from your files.

Effortless Page Editing

Edit page content effortlessly using Notix's extension. It's as intuitive as editing a Notion page, directly from your browser.

Custom Blocks for Content Prefill

Craft custom blocks in Notix to populate page content effortlessly. It's a one-stop solution – automatically capture a screenshot, insert selected text, include page title or URL, and even employ AI for content summarization. Your content, your way.

AI-Powered Prefill

Prefill properties, generate page titles, summarize web pages and much more with the power of AI.

Endless use cases

Tips and tricks

Better prompts, better results

Chat GPT is best at creative writing and summaries. Be aware of that when writing your prompts for your blocks or when prefilling properties. The context for the AI is either the selected text or the full page.

Use shortcuts

You can open the extension by pressing Cmd + Shift + Y. When the extension is open, you can see the enumeration by holding the Cmd or Ctrl key and select a template by clicking the respective number.

Screenshots in auto-mode

Add a block to your template of type screenshot to automatically take a screenshot of the visible area when using the template.

Capture the Whole Web to Notion

The most popular web pages work with Notix

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